Following the death of their father, brothers Greg and Jude pledged the almighty challenge of rowing the Atlantic Ocean unaccompanied to raise £100 000 for skin cancer research. 

We were approached by the British Skin Foundation to produce a press pack kit of parts for them comprising two films and key visuals.  

With limited time and resources, and a tight deadline, we were inspired by these two heroes to pull out all the stops, and paid no heed to the weather warnings.  As luck would have it, our days at sea were blessed with good weather, and making good use of our sea legs and a gimbal, we captured some beautiful footage.  

The boys are planning to set off in January 2018 from the Canaries, ending in Barbados, a journey of some 3000 miles, and one likely to last a massive eleven weeks.   With storms that can last up to a week and can bring 30 foot waves, the boys have only a tiny little water-tight cabin to protect them.  With no one within easy reach to look out for them, this is one challenge that embodies the word courage.   

One of the most inspiring and beautiful projects we have worked on, we nonetheless include the one-minute version we produced for instagram, for those with a short attention span.

To support the brothers and to help them achieve their fundraising target simply visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/oceanbrothers

To make this challenge possible they are seeking sponsorship from companies, should you wish to get involved they can be contacted through their website www.oceanbrothers.co.uk or get directly in touch us by emailing kelly@britishskinfoundation.org.uk


Snapped was a series that was rocking American viewers that we really wanted to push to the channel's dedicated viewers, having already given the first season a fantastic debut.  The brief was to incorporate the branding visuals of True Crime with a compelling image  depicting true crime stories that centred around real-life femme fatales.  At the same time we wanted to appeal to the channel's demographic of older women and didn't want anything too bloody or edgy.  We started with the channel identity key visual of broken glass and hunted around for inspiration that could feed off this

We looked for great reference images that would echo this look and give a noir feel, and loved this image of Mads Mikkelsen from Hannibal.  

We decided to combine the authenticity of a real smashed mirror, slightly defocussed to create a sense of a barrier between our femme fatale and the 'normal' world of the viewer.  Despite the risk of seven years' bad luck, we hired a convenient (and cheap) space for our destructive activities.

In our first mock-up of the artwork, we experimented with a haunting image that played with the idea that the crack in the mirror centred in on the eye of our protagonist, almost as if she had been shot.   An edgy and dynamic image that ultimately was too edgy and haunting.

Finally we settled on this lovely key visual that lets the lighting and the model's harder and more ambiguous expression inform the viewers of her potential deadly intention, whilst the subtle defocussed cracks in the mirror still nicely represent the barrier between her and the world of people who have not 'cracked'.  Or snapped. 

And below, one of the series of promos we produced for the channel.  Noirish, dramatic, simple yet effective


TV2, the Danish Sport pay-per-view TV channel were looking to represent some of their great events through guest shoots with their talents from the ring. 

We kicked off with this cool and funny spot featuring the legendary Evander Holyfield, and Denmark's Brian Nielsen.  Brian, a much-loved household name in Denmark, was in semi-retirement, hence the funny line by Evander "Brian who?".   We worked with Danish number 1 rappers to produce a bespoke music track for the spot.  Shot in under three hours in a snow-bound studio in Copenhagen, there are rushed moments for sure, but overall, a funny and engaging spot that pulled more than 150 000 views on youtube.


We followed up with this neat spot featuring Karl Froch and Mikkel Kessler, again shot in a matter of a couple of hours in a freezing studio in Copehagen.

And - what a thrill - a week later we got our hands on the NBA trophy.  But how do you shoot a golden globe and one that reflects everything?  We built a light tent and shot dynamically to fit with the excitement and movement of the NBA playoffs, to pull a fantastic audience from the Russian and Baltic viewers for the season's playoffs.