You want to save the planet?  Stop consuming.

A documentary about overconsumption , the urgent need for climate change action and how we can all be part of the solution.   In Search of a New Humanity conjoins the parallel stories of two brothers who rowed the Atlantic unaccompanied - discovering the essential pain and joy of surviving on nothing  -  with an investigation into the shocking wastage of the industrial world and the recycling triumphs of Iceland and the Nordic countries, Dharavi slums in Mumbai, Cape Verde and the UK’s Bedzed project.

An original and jaw-dropping hour-long original new documentary film starring Dr Greg Bailey and his brother Jude who together rowed the Atlantic unaccompanied over eight weeks, raising over £100 000 for Skin Cancer Awareness, produced and directed by award-winning director Adam Rowley.

From Gran Canaria to Barbados, across eight weeks, we chart a course through breathtaking scenery, heartwrenching emotions, excoriating loneliness and pain, and inspirational and superhuman physical challenges.  This is extreme sport, exquisite travelogue and survival journal with the emotions set to eleven.

And what sets this film apart from other adventure films is that it contains within its story a second and crucial journey - a journey of the soul, in which, through interviews and research, our brothers explore and examine the biggest ecological and societal question of our time - how will our we and our planet survive unless we learn how to love and live with nature?"

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This is a narrative journey the like of which you have never seen before, a new, innovative and inspirational kind of documentary for the twenty-first century.

When Greg and Jude lost their father to cancer, they embarked on a heroic challenge to row the Atlantic unaccompanied, raising 100K for the British Skin Foundation to raise skin cancer awareness.


We follow their painful and epic journey, a nail-biting video diary of storms and sharks, through life-threatening disasters and moments of startling revelation, witnessing not only their incredible physical adventures but their emotional transformation that was to be part grieving process, part self-discovery and as importantly, a journey of spiritual awakening.



“Life’s a journey, not a destination” Ralph Waldo Emmerson famously said.   And this is where In Search of  New Humanity emerges as a different kind of film from the sensationalist formula of tabloid television:  they didn’t die and they are not yet celebrities.   But the power of their story, their inner journey is far greater than any tabloid thrill.   Today we are all fixated on that destination – the house, the car, the phone, the happy ever after that a lifetime of free-market hustle is supposed to deliver.


But what if that free market has ruined the very world in which we want to retire wealthy?  What if that wealth itself is now beyond your reach?  What if the journey of life has been replaced only by a false destination of luxuries paid for by the ruination of the planet?      

In learning to live with overpowering fear and hardship, without easy access to water, with physical pain and crushing loneliness, Greg and Jude learned the greatest lesson there is: that the greatest wealth the planet has to offer is the planet itself,  that the most precious gift life has to offer is life itself, and that true secret to existence is simply to exist.


Their greatest challenge was to be returning to what we call civilization

Award-winning filmmaker and photographer Adam Rowley has teamed up with Adventurer Doctor Greg Bailey and his Guiness-world-record-holding rower brother Jude Massey to create an original and inspiring film that offers an insight into life, adventure, and the future of the planet.  In a new and holistic approach to the documentary form, they fuse incredible photography, incredible bravery and incredible honesty to offer a vision for a new way of living.


In Search of a New Humanity documents those incredible 7 weeks at sea and accompanies that story with a beautiful  and inspiring exploration of  the possibility of change, the possibility for hope that so many yearn for, in a world now so unequal and volatile, that it is barely still breathing.

This is a story of hope.  Hope for all of us.  Hope for the planet.



We have already raised £20 000 in production sponsorship and are currently seeking completion funding on this exciting 60-minute documentary and can offer sponsors the following tangible incentives

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